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There are books that want to be written, that develop their own lives and even have plans.

This is one of those.


I'm curious to see how the book affects you.


Nell Forêt


As soon as the first reviews are available, they will be published here.

The New York Times


Of course, it will only be a selection.

The Washington Post


For now, a few impressions from my sample readers:

Berlin: "A great story with wonderful characters and so many great ideas."

Frankfurt: "How you are increasing the tension is really great!"

London: "Great writing! It's like sitting right next to them."

Ingolstadt: "Impressive locations! Painted so vividly that you think you can breathe the air there yourself and touch everything."

Munich: "Imaginative and really touching! The richness of detail of the landscapes is great, just like the figures. In two I find myself smooth."

Koblenz: "A wonderful language. And the dissolution - indeed surprising."

Ingolstadt: "An interesting, elegantly interwoven story with a lot to discover."

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